is the title of a workshop by Dieter and Malgorzata in the RAUTENSTRAUCH – JOEST – MUSEUM in Cologne. Using the example of the Temple of Bel in Palmyra, children will try to recreate the porticus of the temple from the remains of the destruction (here: cork fragments) and make the personal experience that destruction is easier to do than reconstruction. Dieter and Malgorzata give the children complete freedom in their work. Ibrahim and Rosslin from Syria are also there. They had to leave their country from violence, and now they feel like „ambassadors“ between cultures… Many thanks to everyone – we adults also learned a lot!!!


The RAUTENSTRAUCH – JOEST – MUSEUM in Cologne is showing a unique exhibition on the great loss of Syrian culture in times of peace. The curator JABBAR ABDULLAH has spared no effort in bringing together artefacts, films and photos that have never been shown before. Dieter’s cork model of the TEMPLE OF BEL can also be seen here. The model was started a few days after its violent destruction in 2015 and completed a year later.

One year after it´s destruction. „Reconstruction“ of the Baal-temple in Palmyra finished…

After three months of intensive work, Dieter Cöllen has now completed the cork model of the Baal temple.

He is delighted by the extensive press response – Der Spiegel, NRT , Video – as well as by the positive appraisals of many archaeologists and contemporary witnesses. In his Blog he tried to report on the progress of the works in real time, and put them up for discussion. Even for the invisible details he kept to the archaeological stone plans, so that the model can be used for studying the structural design. However, Dieter also placed great value on colour reproduction, in order not to disregard emotional concerns.

Dieter convinced that the physical presence of this monument is crucial for understanding its history, as well as our own cultural roots.

The catalyst for Dieter´s efforts was his initially powerless rage over such senseless destruction, which he was soon able, however, to transform into creative energy. The model was therefore created entirely independently and without third-party, financial support.

After all that ‘constructive’ time, Dieter now has to give some serious thought to his livelihood again. He has two visions for this:

  1. „I also understand my work to be the result of my personal resistance, I can imagine creating editions that can be acquired by collectors with the same interests, so this way they can become a driving force and support for a shared idea.“

  2. „The continuing destruction of ancient monuments could demand a gallery of our cultural heritage that is lost or deserving of protection. Models of these objects could be placed in context with their past, as well as with current developments, and lead to improved understanding of history.“

„Of course I would be pleased to hear your ideas on this subject as well. My urge to continue is unbridled, but of course I dream of being able to work towards a greater goal…“01.08 (8).JPG

Dieter Cöllen 28.08.2016