Cork model


Until today, the round temple of Tivoli is considered as the ideal of Romanticism for artists and architects. It was modeled in various interpretations by the grand masters of “phelloplastics” and carried across the Alps. Today Dieter and Malgorzata not only restore the few preserved objects, but they also create new cork models of the temple for various requirements. With this they not only keep a forgotten craftsmanship alive, but also try to redirect the viewer’s gaze to perfect proportions and beauty …


Dieter’s cork model of the Great Pyramid has safely crossed the Atlantic … It will be on view in an exhibition at the Utah-Museum / Salt Lake City from May 20th, 2020 – January 2nd, 2021.


“Let´s hit the dusty trail!”…


A new project by BEN PENTREATH poses a major challenge for Dieter and Malgorzata. They have to create an object of his design that touches the viewer’s emotions and shows that real beauty never dies. Cork seems to be the right material for this purpose. Let’s watch them at work …


The cork model of the Pharos of Alexandria was built by Dieter in 2015 for an exhibition in the Kunsthalle Leoben / Austria, with the scientific support of Prof. Dr. Michael Pfrommer . Now an exhibition team is working on a new presentation. We are all very excited and will report on the development of the efforts on the blog …


The current book with the cork models by Dieter Cöllen from the JEFF KLOTZ VERLAG in German and English

Why do ruins never cease to provide refreshing shade, despite of their turbulent past?

This question occupied my mind from a young age, when I was a boy searching for lizards in the cracks of ruinous walls. Fortunately, to this very day I did not receive an answer – instead, it inspired my curiosity, humbleness and dreams as well as the wish to erect a monument for these patient witnesses of deterioration.

“Quercus suber” (CORK OAK) made the realisation of these dreams literally “easy”. All the cracks, fractions and damages of stone are already inherent in the cork´s bark and invited me to uncover them.

It is a work against all reasons and custom, only focused on preserving the most authentic picture of ageing; to acquire and transmit a rare monument of undisturbed awe – because in the blink of an eye, it´s like nothing ever happened.


The Sir John Soane’s Museum in London is one of the most beautiful and interesting museums in the world. Soane collected many cork models during his lifetime, which can still be admired today in a wonderful ambience. Dieter Cöllen had the honor of completing and restoring the famous „model stand“. Together with his friend Hannes Fischer and many other specialists he worked on completing Soane’s dream and living space. Here Dieter invites you to follow him at work in a VIDEO


After all parts have been fixed in place and the pigment layers have been applied, Dieter and Malgorzata photograph the cork model in optimal daylight. The southern French evening sun, which brings the object to life in warm tones, is ideal for this purpose …


The cella is the sanctuary of the temple and was only accessible to the priests through a more than 6m high bronze portal. Dieter and Malgorzata try to reproduce the effect of this monumental entrance as precisely as possible. They do the same with the roof tiles…


Making a column requires a lot of calculations and accurate work. The right representation of the ENTASIS gives the object the correct proportion. After determining the exact shape, Dieter grinds it by hand on an ordinary lathe …


In the 18th century, a cork model of the Castor and Pollux temple in Rome was a popular sovenir for travelers of the „Grand Tour“
Today Dieter and Malgorzata create a new interpretation of this ruin scale 1:50.                   Let’s look over their shoulder at work …

Diter Cöllen Korkmodell Tempel der Dioskuren

It all starts with a solid foundation


The Pont du Gard is founded on solid rock. To visualize this perfectly in the model Dieter uses 9 years grown cork bark from selected oaks in Portugal. After gluing the cork 02_20200203_10473101_20200203_105254he will treat the material like a sculpture to imitate the beauty of nature as best as possible…