Dieter and Malgorzata have been building large cork models for the architektur cabinet in Passau for several years. With many other objects, they will soon be shown to the public in a wonderful ambience.

The architectural cabinet is part of the Historic Jesuits Library at the State Library of Passau. With the perfectly preserved historic rococo library hall as a starting point the Historic Jesuits Library tries to reconstruct the Jesuits Library in Passau. Jesuitic presence in the city goes back to the year 1612, when the Jesuits founded their institute for higher education in Passau. Also part of the Historic Jesuits Library is a WUNDERKAMMER. Opened in the year 2015 it uses old exhibits still present in the collections of the library as well as permanent loans from important collections of the Bavarian State. The Jesuits had a keen interest in architectural history, which is reflected by a remarkable collection of important literature on the subject. Part of this collection is also presented in the architectural cabinet.

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