The secret of Colours

After terminating reconstruction work another long-lasting process begins. The cork needs colour. To reach the best result Dieter follows the footprints oft the old masters in the 18th century. Here near Roussillon in the south of France the artist gets the pigments he needs directly from nature. Prepared with special recipes these mixtures go deep into the cork and shine bright like a fresco…

Later exposed in a museum, illuminated with artificial light the visitor gets the impression, that he just comes along to watch the temple in the beginning sunset…

Cöllen Korkmodell Baaltempel 30.07 (2)Cöllen, Roussillon (2)Cöllen, Roussillon (1)Cöllen Korkmodell Baaltempel 30.07 (3)Cöllen Korkmodell Baaltempel 30.07 (4)Cöllen Korkmodell Baaltempel 30.07 (5)Cöllen Korkmodell Baaltempel 30.07 (1)

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